Holidays in the Cotswolds

holidays in the Cotswolds
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holidays in England

holidays in England

Holidays in the Cotswolds, England

Cotswolds Crudwell Church

The Cotswolds is a gorgeous part of Southern England – so lovely that it has been declared an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The Cotswolds covers a large part of Gloucestershire and extend into parts of Oxfordshire, and Warwickshire.  The Cotswold hills add an undulating charm to the countryside.

The area is famous for the pretty Cotswold stone buildings (made from honey-coloured stone), lovely rolling hilly countryside, pretty gardens and adorable English villages.   

Visitors come for a taste of traditional English country life where the pace of life is relaxed and pastimes include taking tea in pretty teashops and browsing for treasures in antique shops.

For whatever reason, Americans adore the Cotswolds, and to them the area is a microcosm of the real England. Perhaps it is the quality that pervades the towns and villages and the prevalence of English traditions.

The Cotswolds is rich in history – many of the buildings are medieval dating back to the 13th-15th centuries and this adds to the attraction of the Cotswolds.

There is a wide choice of holiday accommodation in the Cotswolds; the usual hotels, to Bed & Breakfast and Cotswolds self catering holiday cottage accommodation. Holiday cottages are ideal for short breaks of 2 days or more outside school holidays or stays of a week or more during school holidays when demand is high. Self catering cottages and apartments provide a comfortable holiday home and are fully equipped with everything thta you might need on holiday.

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The weather in the Cotswolds

Summers in the Cotswolds are usually very pleasant and warm. However, this is England, so do come prepared for showers. The Cotswolds are cold during the winter, it can be snowy, so warm clothing and boots with good grips are essential for walking on icy pavements. Christmas in the Cotswolds is a real treat.

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