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holidays in England

holidays in England

Where to holiday in the Cotswolds


Where you stay is very much dependent on the type of person you are. Some people love the buzz and hub-bub of a busy town, others love the peace and quiet night sof a rural location to stay. Nowhere in the Cotswolds is very far from anywhere else if you have a car and are able to tour.

One thing to bear in mind if you plan to tour by car is the Cotswolds are heaving with visitors during the summer and parking is at a premium. It can be very difficult to find somewhere to park, especially in popular tourist spots.

In the Cotswold countryside

The advantages of staying in the depths of the Cotswold countryside are peace and quiet, good views and free easy parking. Walkers may prefer a rural location.

In a Cotswold Village

If you stay in a Cotswold village you will be in the heart of the community. Any resonably sized village will have the village church where you can inspect the graveyard and find out how long people lived, common surnames and quite a lot of local history. The village pub is a good meeting place where you can not only become acquainted with fine ale but also the local inhabitants whom you can ask for recommendations and find out more about local life.

There are likely to be a few shops and if you are fortunate a good bakery where it is always a joy to sample regional cakes and bread fresh from the oven

In a Cotswold Town

Any large town in the Cotswolds will offer a wider range of amenities. There may be a good shopping centre, perhaps a railway station, tourist information offices, a range of restaurants, leisure centre and other amenities.

Parking may be a touch more difficult so do try to find somewhere to stay with parking for guests.


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Interesting snippets about the Cotswolds

  • The wealth and fine buildings of the Cotswolds originally came from sheep farming and the wool industry .
  • Prince Charles and Princess Ann live in the Cotswolds
  • The Cotswolds is a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  • The Cotswold way is a long distance walk that runs between Bath and Chipping Campden, it is over 100 miles long but it is possible to just walk a small section just to say you have done it.
  • Polo is a sport frequently played in the Cotswolds.


holidays in the Cotswolds