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holidays in England

holidays in England

Types of places to eat in the Cotswolds


Going out for any type of meals or snacks in the Corswolds is a very pleasant experience. Foodies will simply adore the quality of food available, including organic and gourmet.


There are cafes, coffee shops, restaurants and fast food outlets dotted all over the Cotswolds. The best ways of finding a good place to eat in the Cotswolds is to ask a local on arrival, and the Internet can also be useful in obtaining lists of eateries.

The cities and large market towns are most likley to offer cuisine from across the globe. Some people prefer to sample local menus using local produce when on holiday.

  • A tip of around 10% is expected in restaurants unless a service charge is already included. One does not normally tip in coffee shops or tea shops unless you have been particularly impressed with the service.

The Cotswolds are a good gourmet break destination because of the high quality of local produce.


If you rent a country cottage in the Cotswolds as a base for your holiday, the cottage owners are most likely to have a folder with a list of recommended local restaurants to guide you.