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holidays in England

holidays in England

Luxury cottages in the Cotswolds


The Cotswolds is one of those special locations where luxurious accommodation in a 5 star cottage, apartment or other form of luxury self-catering in the Cotswolds seems most appropriate.

Wealth, style, history and beauty are intertwined in the Cotswolds - the whole area oozes quality from every golden hued stone, cornice and cuppola.

Antique shops selling yesterday's high quality goods abound. There is beauty everywhere you look; in the architecture, the landscapes, the paintings in the art galleries, in the furniture and furnishings.

For foreign visitors, the Cotswolds can provide an insight into middle England style and etiquette, and if you are looking for a real English experience, it will be one of the more preferable ones that is on the English destination menu.

afternoon tea in the CotswoldsGood restaurants can be found in almost every Cotswolds village to enhance your Cotswold holiday experience. Take tea in the afternoon, go for country walks and browse the shops.

Book a luxury cottage in the Cotswolds for the genuine Cotswold experience.

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