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holidays in Stratford upon Avon England
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holidays in England

holidays in England

Day trip to Stratford upon Avon, just north of the Cotswolds in England


Stratford upon Avon, home of all things Shakespeare is a short drive north of the Cotswolds through rolling countryside.

Famous as the birthplace and home of William Shakespeare, visitors come from far and wide to find out more about Shakespeare, attend a performance of a Shakespearean play, visit the house he was born in and places he visited.

Inevitably a huge tourist industry has sprung up around the bard. You will find walking tours, bus tours, talks, souvenirs and all manner of items centred on the life and works of Shakespeare.

Stratford on Avon remains a pleasant place to visit. There is a good shopping centre, tea shops and coffee shops - all catering to the needs of tourists.

If you would like to stay in Stratford upon Avon for a short break, click on the link below:


Facts about Stratford upon Avon

  • Visit Shakespeare's birthplace and associated buildings
  • Enjoy a Shakespearean play at the theatre
  • Take a walking tour of Stratford - it's a smallish town and you will notice much more detail than driving, or take an open bus tour for a general overview
  • Take a canal or boat trip on the River Avon and feed the ducks and swans. There are riverside walks to enjoy and charming old pubs for lunch.