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holidays in England

holidays in England

Holidays in southern England

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If you plan to visit the Cotswolds you may also want to tour part of southern England.

Visitors from abroad quite often make a point of stopping at Stonehenge to view the ancient standing stones. These can be a bit of a disappointment because you can see them from the road and although there is a visitor centre and a car park, it's not really worth a separate trip just to see Stonehenge unless you are a fan of standing stones and their supposed vibes.

There is a larger standing stone circle at Avebury, also in Wiltshire, that you can view at not cost whatsoever.

The chances are that if you are visiting the Cotswolds and southern England from abroad, you will have arrived by plane at Heathrow or Gatwick Airport.

The M4 Motorway leads from London to the west, towards the Cotswolds. Most people turn north at some point to head towards Cirencester or Chipping Norton.

Although there are numerous superb places to visit in southern England, it is probably best to concentrate on one area at a time. England may seem like a very small country physically to visitors from abroad but it is also congested with traffic and journeys often take much longer than anticipated.

A holiday in the Cotswolds is one of the best introductions to England.



Places worth visiting in southern England

  • Visit at least one English stately homes with its equally resplendent gardens. Blenheim Palace in the Cotswolds is a possible example.
  • The National Trust and English Heritage have a large number of notable houses and gardens to visit. These provide a very good insight into the history of town and country houses, their occupants and servants through history.
  • There are many magnificent cathedral in southern England that make for an interesting visit. Perhaps Gloucester Cathedral or Salisbury?
  • List of places to visit in the Cotswolds