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holidays in England

holidays in England

Holiday cottages in the Cotswolds


holiday cottagesThere is are plenty of holiday cottages in the Cotswolds to rent for self catering holidays.

These range from small country cottages for 2 to big cottages and large houses and mansions to rent suited to big groups and special events.


holiday cottages in the Cotswolds

Rent a self catering holiday cottage in either town or country for your holiday in the Cotswolds and you will have a 'home from home', with privacy, comfort and plenty of space - much more than you would have in a hotel room.

Many holiday cottages have a garden where you can sit in the sun and enjoy the garden and flowers around you.

Some holiday cottages also welcome dogs should you wish to bring your dog with you on holiday to the Cotswolds.

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holiday cottages in the Cotswolds


More about self catering accommodation

Renting a self catering holiday cottage gives you the freedom to relax as you would at home, get up when you want to and not be tied to specific meal times. You can cook, prepare snacks and have a drink at no extra cost when your heart desires. There is no corkage payable for wine that you open yourself at home. It offers freedom and value for money....

Alternatively, the cost of renting a cottage in the Cotswolds may not be a factor and you would prefer a comfortable and private base from which to enjoy discovering the Cotswolds and ideally would choose luxury cottages in the Cotswolds for the very best the area can offer.


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