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holidays in England

holidays in England

Food and drink in the Cotswolds


There are major supermarkets in the Cotswolds where you can buy food but there are also numerous specialist butchers, bakers, cheese shops, fishmongers and greengrocers where you can purchase superior local produce.

One of the really nice things to do during your holiday in the Cotswolds is to sample some of the superb bread, cakes and farm fresh produce that you can be from specialist food shops, delicatessen's and farmers' markets.


Points to note when shopping for food in the Cotswolds
  • You may require a pound coin to release a supermarket trolley for shopping. Many supermarkets no longer provide plastic carrier bags free.
  • Although you can buy wine, spirits and ale in supermarkets, the local off licence may stock a range of interesting alcoholic beverages and fine wines.
  • Payment by card is accepted almost everywhere in Cotswolds and England.
  • Cotswold markets sell fresh produce and other goods in the larger English towns



... eating out in the Cotswolds