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holidays in England

holidays in England

Eating Out in the Cotswolds

Eating out on holiday in the Cptswold is much like eating out in any other location of the UK in that you will find a good variety of eateries, anything from a tea or coffee shop, fast food outlet through to fine dining.

The exception is that the emphasis is on quality in the Cotswolds if you are prepared to pay. Game is easily obtainable from the local butcher and likely to feature on many a restaurant menu.

If you like good food then you can enjoy it in the Cotswolds. There are superb restaurants, high qualiity tea and coffee shops.

Even if you book a self catering holiday where you can cook for yourself, the standard of fresh food available is excellent. Buy from small specialist shops or farmer's markets.

Examples of Traditional Cotswold dishes:


  • Gloucestershire Squab pie made with lamb, potatoes, swede, onions and apple.
  • Gloucestershire cheese and ale pie.
  • Gloucestershire guinea fowl with apple risotto. Game features on many menus.
  • Gloucester spotted pig sausages served for breakfast or with mashed potato for lunch
  • Gloucestershire apple and cheese cake
  • Double Gloucester cheese may be included in a Ploughman's lunch or served with biscuits after dinner. This cheese is produced in the Vale of Gloucester and has a mellow flavour. It is a cheese that melts well making it eminently suited to Welsh Rarebit.
  • Gloucester pancakes made with golden syrup and suet.

Most eateries will offer a wide range of dishes so do not be dismayed if the above Cotswold fare does not sound to your taste.


types of places to eat in the Cotswolds