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country breaks in the Cotswolds
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holidays in England

holidays in England

Country breaks in the Cotswolds


One of the main reasons that people visit the Cotswolds is for a country break in an area of outstanding natural beauty.


The gentle Cotswold hills are farmed and provide a pleasantly rolling backdrop to the small stone villages dotted about the landscape. There is something harmonious about the Cotswolds, the mellow honey toned stone blends well with the greens and browns of the countryside. The effect is most pretty.

Visit the Cotswolds during spring when the fields are full of darling lambs and the trees in the villages heavy with sweetly scented blossom.

The spring is a good time to sightsee, before the masses descend on the Cotswolds or the summer sun is too warm. Walkers prefer cooler weather for rambles in the countryside. Easter is another great time to visit. This is when the season of rolling hard boiled eggs down hills and Easter Egg hunts is played out in earnest. Visitors to England from America or abroad love those quaint English customs that we have so many of.

Places to visit for day trips whilst in the Cotswolds:

Gloucester for its dock land development and shops, magnificent Gloucester Cathedral.

Tewkesbury - a historic town with a large number of very well preserved medieval buildings where you can sense the passage of time through the centuries. Walk the Heritage Trail, visit Tewkesbury Abbey, John Moore Museum, Tewkesbury Town Museum.


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painswick in the CotswoldsMuch of England has splendid rural areas for country walks and visiting old villages that were recorded in the Doomsday Book and a wealth of stories and myths.

All will have medieval stone churches and a graveyard to visit. the graveyards can be quite informative about life in the area.