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Cotswolds in the snowy winter
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holidays in England

holidays in England

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The Cotswolds is just one beautiful area in England. All English national parks offer magnificent countryside, natural places to walk and survey panoramic scenery. The northern wilderness of the Yorkshire Dales in England and the pleasantly rolling green South Downs are very different in character but equally lovely.

There are just so may superb places to visit that a lifetime is not enough and we have to choose.

Suggested list of beautiful locations in England to visit for a self catering break:

Cornwall in the south west of England for a coastal path with great views and numerous pretty coves and sheltered beaches. See cottage holidays in Cornwall for holiday accommodation for your stay.

Devon, a neighbouring county to Cornwall is the only county in England with a northern and southern coastline. Again, it has lovely countryside with high hedrerows bordering country lanes. Consider a selfcatering stay in country cottages in Devon for a rural holiday in south west England.

The west of England close to the Welsh border is blessed with divine countryside. Herefordshire has lovely scenery with plenty of woodland, winding country lanes and rural treasures.

Shropshire offers an olde worlde feel, plenty of historical towns, churches and other buildings.

Suffolk, on the east coats of England is a similarly historical partner to Shropshire. It is renowned for its ancient churches and well preserved villages. The painter Constable was inspired by its rural landscapes to immortalise them in oils on canvas.

The far north of England has the ever popular expanse of the Lake District in the north west where still lakes nestle between enormous hills and walkers can be seen everywhere. To the east is Nortumberland with yet another stretch of wilderness and magnificent views.

A holiday in England offers so much more than the Cotswolds, London, Bath and York. The English countryside is simply lovely.



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The history of the Cotswolds

The great wealth of the Cotswolds and indeed many other places in England such as Suffolk came from the wealth generated by the sheep farming and woollen industries in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, we can enjoy the magnificence of the churches built by the wealthy in their attempt to buy themselves a place in heaven, also their handsome houses and mansions. Holidays in the Cotswolds and England inevitably touch on history and add a depth of meaning, and an understanding of the English to your experience.