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City breaks in Cheltenham and other Cotswold cities
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holidays in England

holidays in England

City breaks in the Cotswolds


Enjoy a city break in one of the Cotswold's elegant cities.


A building in Regency Cheltenham is shown in the photograph. Cheltenham is an elegant city with fine Regency architecture. Its town houses exhibit impressive wrought iron balconies and painted stucco facades.

holidays CotswoldsCheltenham is a good holiday destination for shopping, art galleries, dining and horse racing at the Cheltenham racecourse. The ghost walk can be amusing.

Other cities and towns that we would highly recommend for a city break in the Cotswolds are:


Gloucester for its dockland development and shops, magnificent Gloucester Cathedral.

Tewkesbury - a historic town with a large number of very well preserved medieval buildings where you can sense the passage of time through the centuries. Walk the Heritage Trail, visit Tewkesbury Abbey, John Moore Museum, Tewkesbury Town Museum.


Other cities for city breaks as day trips from the Cotswolds are:



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Which part of the Cotswolds would you like to visit on holiday?

Everywhere in the Cotswolds is charming or elegant, good taste abounds. Some people are fond of the pretty villages, other prefer the style and buzz of a larger city where there is more entertainment in the form of theatres, clubs and a wider variety of restaurants. If you have a car and can travel then you can sample both city and village life.


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