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holidays in England

holidays in England

Cheap holidays in the Cotswolds, England


The Cotswold area of England is a highly privileged area where certain members of the British Royal Family have their homes so that cheap is not an adjective that is generally used in conjunction with Cotswolds.

However, there is a variety of self-catering accommodation available that may make a stay less expensive. Cheaper forms of accommodation are:

  • camping and caravans
  • swapping a house with someone who lives in the Cotswolds
  • renting a modest holiday cottage, perhaps on a farm
  • youth hostels - are open to members of the Youth Hostelling association of any age. Some accommodation may be in dormitories although modern youth hostels also have double and family rooms.

The rolling Gloucestershire countryside and Cotswold hills are are a great destination for walking and cycling holidays, both inexpensive activities that people enjoy.


cheap holidays in the Cotswolds


Working holidays in the Cotswolds

One way of obtaining a cheap holiday in the Cotswolds is to go for a working holiday on a farm or at a tourist attraction. Workers are always needed for seasonal activities and this would be a good way of experiencing the Cotswolds if you could work there May to September.